Seed Hawk 30 Air Drill in field

Seed Hawk 30 Air Drill

Precision seed placement with just the right fit

The Seed Hawk 30 Air Drill is a perfect fit for smaller farms and mixed farming operations where larger seed drills are impractical. Regardless of the diversity of your crops, the 30 Air Drill with its precision Seed Hawk openers provides the same legendary seed and fertilizer placement as large-scale Seed Hawk seeding systems. It is a compact combination of air cart and toolbar with low horse power requirements.

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Part of the Seed Hawk concept

In some farming operations, growers look for compact size without compromising crop performance.  The Seed Hawk 30 air drill features the same precision opener function in a smaller design.  With an on-board tank featuring the Fenix II metering system, the 30 air drill is able to navigate narrow roadways with ease.

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30 Air drill in field

Designed for multiple crops

The Seed Hawk 30 Air Drill is offered in two sizes. With a frame width of either 19’8” (6m) or 26’3” (8m), both machine sizes have a mounted tank with a total volume of 110 bu (3 876 litres). 

The 19’8” frame is designed to enable a setup of 24 rows at 10” (250mm) row spacing, or 20 rows at 12” (300mm) row spacing. 

The bigger, 26’3” frame is designed for 32 rows at 10” (250mm) row spacing, or 26 rows at 12” (300mm) row spacing.

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30 Air Drill in field

Precision seed and fertilizer placement

The industry-leading Seed Hawk Opener assemblies operate independently for superior shallow seeding, depth accuracy and optimal fertilizer placement. 

The result is quick, uniform germination, even packing and consistent performance in all soil conditions.

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Seed Hawk 30 Air Drill in transport mode

Narrow transport

The Seed Hawk 30 Air Drill folds up in a convenient, compact package.

Regardless of the configuration, the machine has a transport width of 9’10” (3m). The transport height ranges from 11’-13’4” (3.35 to 4.06m), depending on the frame width.

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Väderstad Fenix II

Fenix II metering

Simple, precise metering combined with remote calibration and rollers that can be changed easily to accommodate different seed sizes. 

The Fenix II metering system uses a fluted roller inside an adjustable barrel for reliable distribution of seed and fertilizer. The durable, anti-static polymer and stainless-steel construction prevents corrosion.

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Technical data

Seed Hawk 30 Air Drill  20 ft 26 ft
Row spacing (in) 10"/12" (254/305 mm) 10"/12" (254/305 mm)
Number of rows at 10” (254 mm) spacing 24 32
Number of rows at 12” (305 mm) spacing 20 26
Working width (ft) 20' (6.1 m) 26’/26’8” (7.93/8.13 m)
Transport width (ft) 9’10” (3 m) 9’10” (3 m)
Transport length (ft) 32’4” (9.86 m) 32’4” (9.86 m)
Transport height (ft) 11’ (3.35 m) 13’4” (4.06 m)
Ground clearance (in) 12” (305 mm) 12” (305 mm)
Volume bin 1 (bu) 55 bu (1900 l) 55 bu (1900 l)
Volume bin 2 (l) 55 bu (1900 l) 55 bu (1900 l)
Weight (lbs) 9 920 (4500 kg) 12345 lbs (5600 kg)
Recommended working speed (mph) 4.5-5 (7-8 km/h) 4.5-5 (7-8 km/h)
Maximum hydraulic requirements (gal/min) 52.5 (198.7 l/min) 52.5 (198.7 l/min)

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