Long-term ownership is important for the family Stark.

- It is very inspiring that the cousins in the third generation are so involved in the company. My father said to me when I became a shareholder: “We have started to roll the snowball, now it is up to you to keep it rolling”. The “snowball” is now larger than when I started, but still we have only scratched the surface of our potential and there is still much to be done, says Crister Stark, Chairman of the Board.

To ensure long term ownership, the nine cousins Stark and Gilstring, are shareholders together with Crister, Christina, Andreas and Bo Stark. This means that Väderstad Group now has 13 shareholders.

Väderstad’s ambition will continue to be to keep the ownership in the family with the goal set on continuous profitable growth. Our business idea will remain the same:
To supply modern agriculture with highly efficient machinery and methods.