Updating E-Control and Gateway software

Man holding iPad with E-Control

Before updating E-Control on your iPad, you need to make sure you have a functioning Apple-ID as well as the latest version of the iPad operative system iOS and the E-Control app. Learn more by clicking the buttons below.

Download available Gateway software to the iPad

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet 
  • Start Väderstad E-Control app 
  • Click ‘Search for update’ 
  • If necessary, select ‘Include all’ 
  • Available Gateway software will now be downloaded to the iPad.
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Gateway software

Available Gateway software will now be downloaded.

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Update the Gateway of the machine

Connect the iPad to the Wi-Fi of the machine and start the E-Control app. When asked if you want to update, press OK. Make sure to not power off the iPad or the Gateway during the updating process.

If you experience issues with the update, please see our FAQ for answers.

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