Väderstad harrow NZ Mounted 500-600

NZ Mounted 500-600

Seedbed preparation with high precision

NZ Mounted is a mounted tine harrow available in 16.5' or 19.75' (5 or 6 metre) working width. It has a unique versatile drawbar solution, and a great depth keeping ability. The AgrillaNova tines fitted on four axles with a tine spacing of 3.5" (9 cm), delivers intensive seedbed preparation.

Selected features

NZ Mini working the headlands

Unique versatile drawbar

NZ Mounted is equipped versatile drawbar enabling the choice between a locked or a floating drawbar setting. In the floating position, NZ Mounted is able to move independently from the tractor, offering an exceptional contour following in three dimensions.

If needed, the drawbar linkage can easily by locked, without the need for tools.

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NZ Mini field
NZ Mini precise depth control

Precise depth control

OffSet mounted support wheels provides NZ Mounted with stability lengthwise and ensures that the tines in the first row work at the same depth as the last row. 

The tractor threaded tyres eliminates bulldozing, while the large wheel diameter keeps the working depth and gives a smooth ride.

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NZ Mini CrossBoard levels the field

CrossBoard levels the field

CrossBoard provides an intensive cultivation, ensuring that clods are crushed and the soil is levelled. 

The working intensity is controlled hydraulically from the cab.

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NZ Mini low coupling weight

Low coupling weight

NZ Mounted is mounted on the tractors three-point linkage, making it easy to manoeuvre in the field. 

When folded, the transport width is only 2.05m. The low weight of the machine reduces the lifting requirements.

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NZ Mini versatile following harrow

Versatile following harrow

To finish the seedbed preparation, the following harrow creates an evaporation barrier by sorting larger aggregates and weeds to the surface.

The following harrow is mounted with rubber suspension to maintain a long working life. Both the angle and aggressiveness can be adjusted. 

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Product concept

Zone 1 - Levelling

The hydraulic CrossBoard Ligh levels provides an intensive cultivation, ensuring that clods are crushed and the soil is levelled, prior to the harrow tines.

Zone 2 - Seedbed preparation

The AgrillaNova tines are fitted on four axles with 9 cm tine spacing. The tines distribute the soil so that larger clods are placed on the top and smaller particles deeper, which is favorable for early drilling.

Point options

Zone 3 - Finish

The last working zone provides the possibility to add features for improved finishing.

Single following harrow

Double following harrow

Technical data

NZ Mounted 500 600
Effective working width ft (m) 16.5 (5,0) 19.75 (6.0)
Transport width ft (m) 6.75 (2.05) 6.75 (2.05)
Transport height ft (m) 8.25 (2.5) 10 (3.0)
Weight lbs (kg) 3085 (1400) 3525 (1600)
Number of tines 54 64
Tine spacing inch (cm) 3.5 (9) 3.5 (9)
Wheel dimension (support wheels)  190/95-15 190/95-15
Hydraulic requirements 1 SA + 1 DA  1 SA + 1 DA
Draught requirements from (hp) 80-120 100-140
Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.
LS = Load sensing    FR = Free return    DA = Double acting 
H = Hydraulic    P = Pneumatic    N/A = Not available
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