Swedish steel – Swedish quality

Swedish steel Swedish quality

Väderstad V-55 is a long life specially hardened Swedish steel aimed at maximising farm economy through more time in the field and lower wear part costs per hectare.

When developing steel for discs, the challenge lies in successfully combining a high hardness with a preserved shock resistance. The hardness provide durability, while the shock resistance give the disc its resistance towards external forces in the field.

The optimal combination of the two, results in a long working life under harsh conditions.

Väderstad V-55 pushes the limit

The V stands for Väderstad and the number 55 represents the hardness measured in in the unit Rockwell C HRC.  This unique material structure make it possible to push the hardness level from industry standard HRC 47-48 to HRC 55, while still preserving a very high chock resistance. 55 Rockwell steel is otherwise usually found in knifes, another application where hardness is needed.

Own production

Väderstad V-55 is developed together with the 100% Väderstad daughter company Väderstad Components AB, and the Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB. Väderstad Components AB manufactures discs, tines and packer rings for all Väderstad machines in a completely automized process ensuring perfect even quality.

Own production of wear parts is unique in the market and gives Väderstad a full control of the quality. This reflects the same top-of-the-line product philosophy as all Väderstad products, which altogether guarantee best value available in the market.