Väderstadin korkealaatuiset maatalouskoneet on suunniteltu loumaan täydellisen taimettumisen Sinun pelloillesi. Syysmuokkaus, kylvöpohjamuokkaus tai siemenen sjoittelu - huomiomme keskipisteessä on aina se tosiasia että täydellinen taimettuminen on ratkaiseva tekija siihen, että Sinä saat korkean sadon.

Yhdessä teemme Sinusta vieläkin menestyvämmän viljelijän.

Tervetuloa maatalouskoneidemme maailmaan!

Service and Support is in our DNA

Due to the current situation around the world we want to be extra respectful and careful when supporting our customers.

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Väderstads Know How channel

Know How - Effective farming methods

We know that you – as well as farmers worldwide – constantly search for ways to farm at an even more effective manner. Since we find this to be very important, we want to share our knowledge with you on this subject.

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Väderstad service and parts

A great ownership

Owning a Väderstad machine means a life-long partnership with excellent service and support.

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Point configurator

To meet differing farming needs, Väderstad offers a wide range of points for cultivators and tine harrows. With the right choice of points you are able to optimise the working result on your fields, providing the best start possible for the next crop.

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Viimeisimmät uutiset

Väderstad makes SeedEye seed counting available on more models

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting makes the innovative seed precision system SeedEye seed counting available for the Spirit 600-900S and Rapid A 600-800C/J. The awarded SeedEye system makes life easier for the farmer: it saves time and removes uncertainty – while giving unprecedented precision.

Väderstad is expanding – a new Factory center will be ready in 2022

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage and planting, has grown strongly in recent years. In 2022 a new Factory center will be ready in Väderstad, an investment of SEK 125 million.

Väderstad sets a new record year – despite Covid

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage and planting, is once again producing a strong financial result during the financial year 2020. Despite a year heavily marked by Covid-19 and two extra weeks of production stoppages, Väderstad reaches a new record turnover of SEK 3.4 billion and improves earnings by 23 percent compared to the previous year.

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