At Väderstad Group we want to simplify the work and improve the results for the world’s farmers. We do so by developing highly efficient machines and methods for tillage and sowing. Our vision is to become the world’s leading partner for outstanding emergence, and together with our customers we have an important role in feeding the world’s population. Therefore we want to strengthen our leading global position by creating an attractive company for the future. We achieve this by working for long-term sustainability in everything from choosing materials and environmental impact to caring for our customers and employees worldwide.


Our passion for innovation drives us to continuously strive to be at the forefront in developing highly efficient products. For example by enabling more sub operations to be performed at the same time, or making sure that our machines have a lower power requirement per working meter, which in turn decreases diesel consumption. In our production we continuously work towards decreasing energy consumption. Two examples are transitioning to LED lighting as well as following up on, and fulfilling, requirements on waste disposal, recycling and transportation. We are also in the process of environmental certification of the company in accordance with ISO14001.

Social responsibility

We are taking a great social responsibility for our employees and customers who are always treated in a fair, equal and respectful manner. We prioritize creating a safe workplace where the goal is to reach a Vision Zero when it comes to injuries. We want to encourage a decreased environmental impact and we have, for example, increased the number of charging stations for electric cars for both employees and visitors. Väderstad AB was designated as one of Sweden’s best employers 2018 in Universum’s national poll, with a top score in the areas of meaningful purpose and innovation.

Long-term sustainability

We want to become even better at long-term sustainability in all areas of Väderstad Group, and therefore we now intensify our efforts. Our ambition for 2022 and beyond is to become more active, distinct and transparent about our priorities, goals and results.


Learn more in our Sustainability reports below:

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