Fenix II seed meter

Fenix II seed meter - Precision at high capacity

Fenix II was developed to be a new generation electric metering unit with a wide range of operational speeds allowing for many types of seeds. Another important aspect is the even product flow eliminating pulsing and thereby improving the drilling results in the field.

Designed with user in mind

Fenix II can be handled without tools making any operation easy. There are very few adjustments needed to change between seeds making every day work easier. On many machines the Fenix II can also be connected with the SeedEye seed counting system practically eliminating calibration.

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Strong motor maximises productivity

Fenix II is equipped with a very strong electric motor, this ensures that the metering will not be a capacity limitation when seeding high rates.

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Precision at high capacity with Fenix II

Precision at high capacity

A common problem is so called “over feeding” when drilling high quantities of seeds, this is caused by the exit lip opening up too much. The exit rubber on Fenix II is angled acting like a knife on a spoon ensuring that only the exact metered amount is drilled at high rates. 

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Minimized pulsing with Fenix II

Minimized pulsing

OffSet cells in the rotors and an angled exit from the metering unit ensures a perfect even product flow, this can be seen in the in row precision.

For oilseed rape/canola there is a roller with just pegs, this makes any pulsing impossible.

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