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Your machine needs to perform over many years

From the moment you buy a Väderstad, we are there to provide service and support. For a machine to sustain its precision performance year after year, it’s crucial that it is kept maintained and updated. For the fastest service, you should turn to your dealer – a Väderstad partner who has access to all our expertise. If you purchased your machine directly from us, get in touch with your contact at Väderstad.

Regular servicing for better results

We recommend that you book your machines in for servicing and inspection at the end of each season. This will not only keep your machine in peak condition but also tell you whether and when you need to replace wear parts. What’s more, you’ll know your machine is ready for the next season. Väderstad manufactures machines and wear parts to give you optimum yields year after year. A machine that is regularly serviced will give better results and last longer, for the best overall economy and the lowest cost per acre.

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Get in touch – we’re here to help

Often all it takes is a phone call. If, for example, something is broken, the software needs updating or your machine is not performing properly, your dealer can often give you useful tips and advice there and then. It is often quickest to replace spare parts and adjust settings yourself. All you need is a few simple instructions from one of Väderstad’s professional experts. A simple call to customer support can also get you help in finding the right wear parts for your particular machine and conditions.

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Väderstad 2 year warranty

2 year warranty

Because we build our machines with care, we can stand behind them with confidence.

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