Väderstad Seed drill Spirit 400s in field

Spirit 400C/S

Precision and reliability

Spirit 400 is a 4 metre wide pneumatic seed drill, available either as the seed-only version Spirit 400S or as the combi version Spirit 400C. The heavy-duty frame guarantees a long working life, while the high precision metering and large seed hopper provide an impressive result with less downtime on the field.

Part of the Spirit concept

The pneumatic seed drill Spirit carries out levelling, seedbed preparation, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass. It is known to provide impressive precision at high working speeds on the field. Thanks to the individual row depth control, Spirit always places the seed at the intended seeding depth. You benefit from an even emergence over the entire field.

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Selected features

Väderstad Spirit high precision seed and fertiliser metering

High precision seed and fertiliser metering

The metering system Fenix II, combines high precision metering with great capacity. 

The combi version Spirit 400C meters out both the seed and the fertiliser via two separate Fenix II metering systems.

Fenix II is driven by a heavy-duty electric motor enabling Spirit 400C to meter up to 500kg fertiliser per hectare at 15km/h.

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Väderstad spirit large hopper offering high capacity

Large hopper capacity

To minimise downtime in the field, Spirits hopper capacity is 3740 litre for the seed-only version and 3900 litre for the combi version. The hopper is very easy to fill due to its large opening with a roll-up cover operated from the ground, 

With an open machine design, you benefit from good access to all components throughout the machine.

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Väderstad Spirit fertiliser placement

Fertiliser placement

The combi version Spirit 400C uses the Väderstad FIX technique which places fertiliser in 5cm wide strips at 125mm row spacing in front of every seed row. The fertiliser is placed below and separate from the seed to avoid seed burn or delayed emergence.

The seed benefits from a fast and effective nutrient uptake. The fertiliser depth can be adjusted from the cab on the move.

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Spirit - Always right distribution

Always the correct distribution

The distributor heads are placed in a high position. This keeps the seed hoses at the perfect angle even in hilly terrain, this ensures a perfect distribution over the entire working width.

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Väderstad seed drill Spirit 400
Spirit 400C BioDrill 360-nal szerelve

Save passes with BioDrill

By equipping Spirit 400C/S with the mountable small seeder BioDrill, a small seeded crop such as cover crops or ley, can be drilled together with the main crop.

The spreader plate distributes the seed very evenly in front of the seed coulters.

BioDrill provides a full-scale high precision seeding, at the same time as it saves passes on the field.

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Product concept

Zone 1 - Seedbed preparation

Depending on the front tools, Spirit can be adapted to varying conditions. The working depth and intensity of the front tools can be easily adjusted from the tractor cab. The combi models, has fertiliser placement together with the front tool. 

CrossBoard Heavy

System Disc Aggressive

CrossBoard Heavy System Disc Aggressive

FIX - Combi models

Track eradicators

Zone 2 - Consolidation

To ensure a firm seedbed prior to seed placement, large packer wheels consolidates the soil between the front tool and seed coulters. This offers great advantages in lighter soil, as well as in fields where the soil is loose as an effect of a deep cultivation or a cultivation with insufficient reconsolidation.

Zone 3 - Seed placement

Spirit has 380mm large discs for high speed accuracy. The OffSet discs move the soil to the side and place the seed in the bottom of the seed furrow. The soil falls back behind the discs and covers the seed with fine soil. The seed coulter pressure is up to 80kg to ensure a good penetration. The unique TriForce rubber suspension gives a supreme ability to follow ground contour.

Zone 4 - Reconsolidation

Each individual seed coulter has a wide coulter press wheel. This allows the seed coulters to respond to any irregularities or soil variations on the field, thereby ensuring the working depth is constantly maintained. The generous diameter of the coulter press wheel, further results in a smooth ride with minimal impacts from vibrations, thereby increasing precision at high speed. 

Zone 5 - Finishing

The following harrow is positioned to run in-between the seed rows, so there is no risk of disturbing shallow-drilled seeds.The following harrow creates a loose evaporation barrier to preserve moisture and prevents capping after heavy rain.

Following harrow Light

Following harrow Heavy

Technical data

Spirit 400S 400C FIX
Metering Electric Electric
Working width (m) 4,0 4,0
Transport width (m) 3,0 3,0
Transport height (m) 2,65 2,65
Transport length (m) 8,2 8,2
Basic weight (kg) 4800 5600
Volume seed hopper (l) 3740 3900
Number of seed coulters * 32/24 32
Row spacing seed (mm) 167/125 125
Number of fertiliser coulters  - 32
Row spacing fertiliser (mm)  - 125
Seed coulter pressure max (kg) 80 80
Seed disc diameter (mm) 380 380
Brakes H/P H/P
Recommended working speed (km/h) 8-14 8-14
Wheel dimension (transport wheels) 400/55x15,5 400/55x15,5
Hydraulic requirement 4 DA + FR 4 DA + FR
Draught requirement from (hp) 100 100
Oil capacity for hydraulic fan (l/min) 40 40
Väderstad has made every attempt to accurately portray our product lineup. However, due to our commitment to continually innovate our technologies to provide our customers the best possible products, some products may not be manufactured as shown on this site. Exact specifications for each product will be confirmed at the time of ordering.
LS = Load sensing    FR = Free return    DA = Double acting 
H = Hydraulic    P = Pneumatic    N/A = Not available 

* Depending on row spacing - 167/125mm

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