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Long-distance race in Finland

Rapid was the easy winner in a 10-year trial of direct drilling in Finland, in which 8 different seed drills drilled the same plots of land for an entire decade. Rapid took 5 gold and 3 silver over 10 years by achieving the best harvests. This means EUR 70 extra per hectare for any farmer who chooses Rapid as his seed drill partner.


Rapid 25 years - “A difficulty overcome is an asset”

Rapid appeared at a time when farming was regarded as unimportant and was unprofitable. In 1991, when Rapid was launched, the political situation was directly counterproductive for Sweden’s farmers. Farmers were a burden - you could get food in the shops, people reasoned, even at high levels in government, and farmers were offered money to switch over to golf courses, for example.


New drilling system in aluminium for the Tempo

A new, more airtight seed meter and alternative seed tubes provide the Tempo precision drill with even more possibilities, while the reinforced bearings on the new discs reduce the need for maintenance.


Tempo V - Success in Holland

Väderstad has delivered approx. 40 Tempos, mainly the Tempo V, to Holland. The three-point linkage Tempo V fulfils a need for easily manoeuvered precision seed drills that can be simply manoeuvred to plant all areas of small or irregularly shaped fields. With an hectare cost of €60,000 per hectare, every single square metre must be used optimally.


NZ Aggressive 700-1000 harrows stronger drawbar

The NZ Aggressive 700-1000 harrows are being adapted for use with more powerful tractors and are getting a brand-new drawbar. The drawbar is four times stronger than the previous drawbar and there are seven varieties of towing eyelets to choose from.


Biggest Tempo to date

Now we launch Tempo L, a precision planter with a working width of up to 12.2m. Despite the generous working width, the machine folds to a transport width of just 3 metres. Thanks to a large fertiliser tank in combination with a very fast planting rate, the Tempo L offers unsurpassed capacity.


Large Spirit now in different combi versions

For the first time Väderstad is launching Spirit in a combi version with working widths of 8-9 metres. The new Spirit models being introduced employ two different combi-drilling methods, FIX or Nordic, which place fertiliser and seeds with a high degree of accuracy, and provide huge capacity.


Modern design and innovative technology

Väderstad continues to develop seed drills for European agriculture. The latest is Spirit R 300S. An entirely new version, designed from the ground up by Spirit with even more positive characteristics than today’s machines. Spirit R 300S is available in 3 metre working widths.


Väderstad breaking new ground with SeedEye

Väderstad is presenting an entirely new and unique technology in the form of the SeedEye seed counter, for seed drills Rapid A 400-800S. Farmers can now easily set the number of seeds per square metre without needing to perform calibration tests. SeedEye provides additional functionality for Väderstad’s established control system E-Control.


Opus - a brand new member of Väderstad’s cultivator family

Opus is a brand new powerful and flexible cultivator that can work down to 40cm. With tines spaced at 27cm distributed across four axles and a ground clearance of 80cm, Opus can cope with huge amounts of trash, while still only having a moderate draught requirement. A unique range of shins and points makes the cultivator very adaptable to local conditions. 

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