Your Guide to Visual Soil Assessments

Hand holding soil

Väderstad is a fast developing company with high priorities for innovation and excellent customer relations. Väderstad has its sights set firmly on maintaining its position as a leading manufacturer of seed drilling and cultivation machinery for the progressive grower, providing cost-effective solutions and concepts in an increasingly competitive agricultural environment.

The soil on your farm is without a doubt one of its key assets; maintaining and enhancing this resource has never been more important. Managing costs – be they to the business for the establishment and management of crops,    or to the environment, is also critical in today’s world. Effective management relies on measuring the cost of actions taken, and the value of benefits resulting. Soil quality is a major driver to yield and profitability. As a result, being able to reliably measure soil quality is a help in managing the farm overall.

The Visual Soil Assessment can bring a better understanding of soil condition and its fundamental importance to sustainable resource and environmental management.  In particular, Visual Soil Assessment can develop a greater awareness of the importance of soil physical properties (such as soil aeration) in governing soil condition and onfarm production.

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