Field harrowed by a NZ Aggressive

Tine harrows

The Väderstad tine harrows NZ Mounted and NZ Aggressive is able to streamline your seedbed preparation by simplifying harrowing operations and increasing precision.

NZ Mounted 500 in field

NZ Mounted

Seedbed preparation with high precision

NZ Mounted is a mounted tine harrow available in 4 or 5 metre working width. Thanks to its ingenious drawbar, NZ Mounted is able to move independently from the tractor, thereby offering an exceptional contour following comparable to a trailed machine.

NZ Mounted 400-500

NZ Aggressive

Multitasking seedbed preparation

NZ Aggressive 500-1000 is a seedbed tine harrow, available in working widths from 5 to 10 metres. It has a levelling CrossBoard followed by tines with 7.5cm spacing, distributed across 5 or 6 axles. The highly intensive cultivation saves passes whilst retaining ground moisture.

NZ Aggressive 500-1000
NZ Extreme in field

NZ Extreme

NZ Extreme

Wide wheels distributed across the machine length and width, creates a high carrying capacity and ensures same conditions for each tine.

The OffSet bogie support wheel setup, keeps the frame levelled and minimises vibrations.

NZ Extreme 1250-1425