Väderstad reaches a turnover of 550 MEUR

pie chart showing figures

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, drilling and planting, reaches a new record turnover for the financial year 2022. From 420 MEUR in FY2021 Väderstad passed 550 MEUR in FY2022.

It has been another very special year for many global businesses. The pandemic Covid-19 continued to have an effect, with both increased sick leave and disruptions in material deliveries, the prices of steel have skyrocketed – while the war in Ukraine that started in February has had a big impact on both agriculture as a whole and Väderstad as a company.

Meanwhile, the demand for Väderstad’s product has continued to be high and our innovations continue to play a significant role for farmers looking to produce more output with less input.

– It has been yet another good year for many farmers with high grain prices and a strong willingness to invest. Our sales show strong figures but at the same time we, together with many other businesses, have been heavily affected by both Covid-19, high material prices especially on steel and the Russian war against Ukraine, says Nicklas Bjersér, Vice President Finance & Legal at Väderstad.

While FY22 was a big year for Väderstad in terms of sales, the financial result has been somewhat suffering because of the situation in the world.

– We have a lower result than the previous year but given the above-mentioned external circumstances, which mostly are out of our control, we are satisfied with the outcome, says Nicklas Bjersér.

The number of employees at Väderstad Group has continued to rise during FY2022, from 1,900 to 2,000.

Väderstad has recently released the Sustainability Report for 2022. To learn more about how Väderstad works to help our farmers produce more food in an efficient and sustainable way, please click the link below.

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