Väderstad Carrier XL 625 in field

Carrier disc cultivators

Versatility at its best

Carrier is a disc cultivator used for high speed primary tillage and seedbed preparation. The wide range of front tools, discs and packers enables Carrier to handle the versatile challenges of modern farming – from ultra-shallow cultivation to a deeper incorporation. The versatility it brings to the farm saves passes, decreases machine cost per hectare and provides the best start possible for the coming crop.

Väderstad Carrier Multipurpose implement

The multipurpose implement

Carrier is a multi-tasker. Farmers who place high demands on versatility in crop production use it as an all-purpose implement. Depending on the configuration, Carrier can be used for five main tasks; stubble cultivation, incorporation, seedbed preparation, small-seed drilling and pest prevention.

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Working depths disc cultivators

All working depths covered

Väderstad invented the compact disc cultivator segment. We launched the Carrier in 1999 and have continued to develop it ever since. Today, a full range of disc sizes are available – from ultra-shallow tillage at 2-3cm depth, to incorporating discs with up to 16cm working depth.

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One disc - one arm

One disc – one arm

Each disc is individually mounted on a rubber suspended disc arm. This increases the penetration capability and improves the ability to follow the ground contour. 

The spacious design ensures a good throughflow of soil and crop residues. You benefit from high precision without compromises.

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Väderstad conical disc

Conical discs – better agronomy

The conical shape of the disc produces fine tilth and mixes residues evenly. The shape also ensures that the same working angle is maintained irrespective of wear and working depth. The vertical attack angle prevents cultivation pans and keeps stones in the soil.

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Väderstad X-disc runs straight behind the tractor

X-disc runs straight behind the tractor

The discs are positioned in an x-shape, which means that lateral forces cancel each other out. The result is a dead straight run behind the tractor, which is essential when using GPS-control. Further, it is also a great advantage in hilly conditions, where the negative effects otherwise doubles in one direction. 

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Swedish steel - swedish quality

Swedish steel – Swedish quality

The Väderstad V-55 Swedish steel combines a very high hardness with a preserved shock resistance. Compared to industry standard, the unique Väderstad V-55 pushes the hardness level from standard HRC 47-48 to HRC 55.

You benefit from lower wear part costs and less downtime.

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Väderstad TrueCut

TrueCut ensures perfect results over time

Väderstad TrueCut is a unique method for milling the cut-outs of the discs. It gives a perfectly even wear of the disc diameter, maintaining the original disc shape.

TrueCut maintains the grip, soil penetration and aggressiveness throughout the discs working life. 

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Impressive weight per disc

Impressive weight per disc

All disc cultivators in the Carrier family are characterised by their strong frame constructed with high-quality Swedish steel. The high weight on each disc improves penetration and maintains working depth even in tough conditions.

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Adjustable axles

Adjustable axles optimise working result

Achieving efficient weed control requires all roots to be thoroughly sliced up in the first pass. 

To ensure optimal slicing and uniform tillage, the front row of discs can be adjusted laterally with the aid of a turnbuckle.

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Long working life

Long working life

All components that operate on the soil surface are rubber suspended which increases the working life of the machine.

A powerful rubber suspension counteracts bumps and impacts which protects rings, axles and bearings.

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