Väderstad launches the light cultivator Ferox 500-900

The new universal light cultivator Väderstad Ferox 500-900 is able to create a seedbed in a wide range of farming conditions. Ferox has a working depth of 10-12cm, and is available with a working width of 5, 6, 7 or 9 metres.

The Ferox tine has been designed to maintain the working depth whist at the same time the tine's intense vibrations create a good crumbling effect on the soil.

- Due to the intense vibrations and relatively wide tine spacing, Väderstad Ferox is able to transform stubble into a seedbed, says Johan Alsäter, Väderstad Product Manager, Tillage.

Väderstad Ferox is a universal tool, providing benefits for many different operations on the farm.

- With its high throughflow and vibrating tines, Ferox is able to handle crop residues and weeds before seeding. When the conditions allow it, Ferox is also able to dry the soil before seeding.

Ferox is equipped with a levelling CrossBoard before the tines as standard.
- The CrossBoard provides an aggressive cultivation, ensuring that clods are crushed and the soil is levelled. The working intensity is easily controlled hydraulically from the cab.

Ferox, which is equipped with 50mm points, works down to 10-12cm. To match different farming requirements, Ferox can be fitted with 5 or 6 axles, as well as a rear CrossBoard and crumble packer as option. The model with 5 axles have a tine spacing of 12cm, while the 6 axle models have a tine spacing of 11cm. Depending on model, Ferox has a transport width from 3.15 to 4.05m.
Väderstad Ferox will go into production towards the end of this year.

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