Maintaining your Väderstad machine is always a good investment

Pre Season Guides

Maintaining your Väderstad machine is always a good investment.

Väderstad is known to farmers all over the world for innovation and high-quality products. But even high-quality products need service and support.

Väderstad Service is represented in over 40 countries, either by importers, our fully owned subsidiaries, or at more than 1000 dealer locations worldwide. Since we support well over 70,000 machines worldwide, we always stay close to our customers so that we can provide quick and competent support – whenever it’s needed. If you experience issues with your Väderstad machine, please turn to your local dealer where their fully qualified service engineers will be able to assist you.

If you experience a breakdown during an intense working period, the time your machine is down causes frustration and costs money. By carrying out proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance, a great step is taken to avoid situations like this.

Below you will find helpful Pre Season guide books for Rapid, Spirit, Tempo, and Cultivators.

These guides include some general maintenance information followed by model-specific areas of interest.