Tempo in field

Tempo planter

Unmatched precision at very high speed

Väderstad Tempo is a new generation high-speed planter, delivering an unmatched precision at double the speed of traditional planters. No-till, min-till or conventional tillage – Tempo performs exceptionally in all conditions. The crop gets the best start possible which results in an even emergence.

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Next generation metering

The heart of Tempo is the unique seed metering unit, the Gilstring Seed Meter, which delivers an unmatched precision at very high speed. The secret behind this lies in the fact that Tempo takes full control of the seed delivery, from the seed meter all the way down into the soil. This unique seed control means vibrations or slopes do not affect the precision of the seed metering.

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Precision in 3D

Precision in 3-D

Tempo deliver an unmatched planting precision in three dimensions – Length, depth, and width.

1. In-row precision –  Exact distance between each seed in the seed row
2. Depth precision – Exact depth of each seed
3. End-of-row precision – Individual row shut-off of the seed, fertiliser and micro granulate

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Väderstad Tempo speed is not an issue

PowerShoot - Speed is not an issue

On traditional planters, the seed falls freely through the seed tube from the seed meter down to the soil. When vibrations arise as the speed increases, the seed bounces in the seed tube and much of the precision of the seed meter is lost.

This is where Tempo, with its pressurised seed meter, stands out from the crowd.

Thanks to the PowerShoot technology, which uses air pressure to maintain full control of the seed all the way down to the soil, gravity is removed from the equation so speed is not an issue for Tempo.

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Väderstad high speed planter row units in field

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Thousands of farmers have seen their farmland find its full potential thanks to the Väderstad Tempo planter. Meet some of these farmers here

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Väderstad Tempo the result of precision

The result of precision

Taking high speed planting to the next level, also means addressing the issue of skips and doubles. Skips in the rows mean fewer yield-bearing plants at harvest time. However, doubles can be equally detrimental. Plants that are too close together compete for sunlight and nutrients, resulting in uneven maturity and reduced yield. Skips can be caused by external factors, while the machine always causes the doubles. Using Tempo will ensure the same conditions for all plants. Even plant spacing results in a crop that matures at an even rate and is more likely to yield to full potential.

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Excellent in all crops

The small seeds kit, which includes suspended stop wheels and the ability to adjust the angle of the closing wheels, ensures great results when planting small seeded crops such as oilseed rape and sugar beet. This improves yield and makes the high-speed planter even more versatile.

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One machine - Multiple crops

Maize, sugar beet, soya beans, sunflower, oilseed rape, cotton, sorghum and many more – Tempo is able to plant a full range of crops with excellent results. By easily changing the row spacing and machine setup for different crops, Tempo offers high versatility on the farm. The result is increased efficiency and minimised machine costs per hectare. Changing the seed discs is carried out in a matter of seconds without the need of tools.

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Väderstad Tempo one machine multiple crops

502 hectares maize in 24 hours - Experience the meaning of true planting capacity and precision. Learn more

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Electric drive increases precision

The seed meters have individual electric drives, which makes it possible to shut off the row units one at a time, thereby saving seeds and inputs in irregular fields.

The electric drive allows each individual seed meter to be calibrated with different seed rates, an important benefit in seed production. Compared with mechanically driven planters, the electrical drive avoids problems with slipping drive wheels or problems with chains which results in an uneven metering.

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Tempo Planter in field

No-till, min-till or conventional tillage

Tempo is capable of planting with up to 325kg coulter pressure. This enables high-speed planting in a wide range of field conditions and tillage systems.

To save moisture and increase capacity during hectic periods on the farm it is possible to plant directly into the stubble.

Thanks to the heavy-duty row unit and effective row cleaners, Tempo is able to deliver perfect results in all conditions.

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Optimal seed to soil contact

Optimal seed-to-soil contact

When the seed leaves the seed tube, it is stopped by the press wheel.

The press wheel fulfils two important tasks; it stops the seed at the exact intended spot and then presses it into moist soil. This ensures optimal seed-to-soil contact and a fast and even germination.

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Väderstad high speed planter Tempo built for high speed

Built for high speed

Every component of Tempo is designed for high speed planting, with minimal service requirements.
All joints in the row unit are maintenance free and the heavy-duty parallel linkage is designed to be able to transfer weight to the row unit. The frame, the row unit, the fan, the hydraulics – all have a robust design making it a durable, versatile and easy-to-maintain planter that fits the requirements on your farm.

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Tempo machine with exact working depth

Exact working depth in all conditions

To maintain the row unit pressure in tough conditions, all Tempo models can be equipped with hydraulic weight transfer. By enabling both positive and negative pressure, you are able to ensure the best start possible for each type of seed. The hydraulic weight transfer is controlled via the iPad-based control system E-Control.

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Väderstad Tempo built for high speed

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502 hectares in 24 hours

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