Väderstad Rapid 800S in field

Rapid seed drills

Impressive results in all conditions

Rapid is a seed drill that carries out seedbed preparation, levelling, drilling and reconsolidation in one pass. It offers a reliable seeding result at high working speed. The simplicity in construction, paired with a high machine quality ensures a long working life and low operating costs. Direct drilling, reduced tillage or conventional tillage – Rapid creates perfect seeding results in all conditions.

Close-up Rapid seed drill coulter system

World leading coulter system

The heart of Rapid is its unique seed coulters, which have been world leading ever since Rapid revolutionised the seed drill industry 25 years ago. Rapid has an ingenious depth control system, adjustable from the cab. The system uses each packer wheel to control the drilling depth of two seed coulters, while at the same time applying reconsolidation. Thanks to this, Rapid is able to create an even emergence in all conditions.

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Optimal seed placement Rapid coulter system

Optimal seed placement

The single disc seed coulters penetrates the soil with a very high coulter pressure from 150kg, resulting in an exact seed depth even at high working speed.

Thanks to its aggressive seed disc, Rapid is always able to create a clean seed slot without straw incorporation, irrespective of soil type or tillage-system.

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Väderstad Rapid Seed drills - The perfect start illustration

The perfect start

The working angle of the seed disc produces fine soil close to the seed, thereby providing the important seed-to-soil contact that is crucial for germination.

A main benefit of the seed placement further lies in the fact that Rapid places the seed at a greater depth than the working depth of the cultivating front tools. Thereby the seed gets surrounded by undisturbed soil, providing water transport from three directions.

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Save passes before drilling

Save passes before drilling

One of the unique features of the Rapid single disc seed coulter is the cultivating ability, adding further intensity to the soil preparation of the front tools.

More soil preparation during drilling means less passes needed for preparation. Less passes ahead saves ground moisture, maximising the plant potential.

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Väderstad Rapid offers an even emergence
Rapid offers effective reconsolidation

Effective reconsolidation

Behind the seed coulters, the large packer wheels effectively close the seed slots, creating optimised seed-to-soil contact in all conditions.

The sideway pressure over the seed prevents capping, while the straight pressure over the deeply placed fertiliser ensures faster dissolving of the nutrient.  

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Rapid seed drill OffSet lowers draught requirement

OffSet lowers draught requirement

OffSet means that every second packer wheel is displaced 190mm backwards on a separate axle.

An additional advantage comes from the fact that the design leads to lower vibrations, resulting in higher drilling precision.

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Rapid seed drills OffSet lowers draught requirements by 25 percent

According to studies, OffSet minimises bulldozing and lowers the draught requirement by 25%

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Väderstad Seed drill Rapid 125mm row spacing

125mm row spacing for maximum yield

A rapid and even emergence provides the crop with considerably higher competitiveness against weeds, this is especially important as more herbicide resistant weeds are on the increase. Research show that 125mm row spacing result in 20 % less weeds than 150mm. A narrow row spacing allows for a larger seed spacing, thereby lowering the fungi pressure. The rapid and even emergence leads to lower evaporation, at a time when the access to moisture is most crucial.

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Väderstad Seed drill Rapid 800C
X-disc to reach full potential

X-disc to reach full potential

To gain full control, it is very important that the seed drill does not alter from its straight track behind the tractor. Something that is further essential in hilly conditions.

Because of the x-disc layout of the front tool, the machine will always travel in a straight line behind the tractor.

The Väderstad x-disc is crucial to reach the full potential of a GPS- or RTK-system on the tractor.

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Rapid always right

Drilling directly into stubble, after ploughing or in a reduced tillage system are all possible.

Thanks to Rapid’s powerful front tools and cultivating seed discs, it can drill in any conditions. This saves several passes as well as moisture. The high coulter pressure provides effective penetration into the soil and enables direct drilling.

Rapid can drill everything from small-seeded crops such as grass leys, to large-seeded crops such as beans.

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Väderstad Seed Drills Rapid with combi secures success illustration with fertliser

Combi drilling secures success

Rapid is available with and without fertiliser metering. Nutrient placement during drilling provide a fast and reliable fertilisation effect. Since the fertiliser is placed in moist soil there is less dependence on rain, while placement also gives high yields and better nutrient use efficiency.

By placing the fertiliser easily accessible to the seed, the crop gets a heads start over any competing weed. The interest in placing fertiliser while drilling has increased globally, stimulated by higher input costs and increased environmental awareness. Väderstad can offer many years of experience within this area.

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