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We will always work to bring new solutions to innovate agriculture and support our farmers with proven quality concepts.

How we work

Pushing Boundaries

The basis of our product development is simple; maximise the potential in every seed and every process in the field. But finding the solution leading to new ways of working is anything but simple, it requires advanced engineering and a deep agronomic understanding. Throughout the years Väderstad has presented ground-breaking solutions that have challenged old truths and methods delivering machine concepts that have doubled the capacity in the field.

Machine Concepts for Future Generations

With our concept Rapid we brought the first universal seed drill to the market with the ability to cultivate while drilling, saving passes in field. The Carrier concept introduced a new farming practice that minimised soil disturbance and improved field hygiene. Our precision planter concept Tempo holds a unique seed metering unit, bringing out the full potential in every plant. Proceed, our latest innovation is a further development of precision seeding. Its versatility allows the placement of even the smallest of seeds at perfect depth and with millimetre precision. To minimise the use of chemical pesticides after seeding we have introduced Extract, an inter-row cultivator product range for mechanical weed control.

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Since 1962 our farming concepts has doubled the capacity – the key is less input more output.

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What we do:

  • Our Tempo planter holds the world record
  • IndX member, collaboration finding new innovative solutions supplied by startups
  • Owner Crister Stark awarded the gold medal from the Royal Swedish Academy of Forestry and Agriculture
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Proven Quality

We prioritise sustainability through uncompromising quality. A crucial aspect of our commitment lies in maintaining a first-class production environment - choosing materials and suppliers with great care and conducting rigorous testings in our Material Technology Lab and at our own Testing Department, meeting both our own and the markets high demands on our products. We are proud to give a two-year warranty on our machines and a lifetime guarentee on discs. Our steel's unique composition ensures the perfect blend of hardness and elasticity, setting our standard for durability.

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We test meticulously because testing is knowing.

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What we do:

  • Our own Testing Department
  • Materials Technology Lab
  • Own production of Wear Parts
  • V55, a unique composition of steel developed with SSAB.
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Lifelong Commitment

Since the 1960´s we have committed to never leave a farmer behind. As a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, it is our responsibility to be responsive and work proactively in our product development meeting future demands. This requires a close collaboration with our farmers – understanding their needs and their reality and translate that into a solution. Once a farmer owns a Väderstad machine they can expect a lifetime support from our service team but also when it comes to spare parts. We also offer education and How-to-movies on how to best handle and set up the machine, arrange field days and every second year we invite farmers to Väderstad in Sweden to get their insights on our products. We want our farmers to be just as proud of owning a Väderstad machine as we are when building them.  

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We will never leave a farmer behind. 

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What we do:

  • Väderstad Tour
  • Life-time support
  • E-services
  • Fully-owned spare parts production
  • Product Concept testing in collaboration with farmers
  • Machine start-up service
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Our contribute to the SDGs

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Sustainability report

Read our full sustainability report here.