Seed Hawk seeding into stubble

Seed Hawk Air Seeders

Combining precision, capacity and flexibility.

Väderstad Air Seeders deliver unparalleled accuracy in all soil conditions. The Seed Hawk Air Drill + Precision Delivery Air Carts combine precision, capacity and flexibility, allowing the grower to use it to its full potential for their specific growing needs. The innovative Seed Hawk Air Seeder delivers exceptional seed and fertiliser placement in one pass. The result is quick, uniform crop emergence, better quality and higher yields for a better return on investment on your farm.

Seed Hawk Toolbar and Air Cart

The evolution of precision

For more than thirty years, Vaderstad’s innovative air seeder line-up has been a leader in ground-breaking innovations, like the Seed Hawk opener, Sectional Control® Technology, the iCon® Wireless Control System, and Fenix III metering. The seeding systems are designed with Precision Delivery Air Carts and Seed Hawk Air Drills that work together to provide precise seed and fertiliser placement resulting in a higher quality crop and more grain in the bin.

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It starts with sound agronomics

Seed Hawk Air Seeders are built on and inspired by precision agronomy. Producing the best crop starts with precise, accurate seeding with optimum fertiliser placement.

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Seed Hawk precision opener

Efficiency in one pass

At the heart of all Seed Hawk Air Drills is the opener assembly. Each Seed Hawk Opener follows the ground independently by pivoting at the frame.

The knife in front aerates and warms the soil, placing the fertiliser. The trailing seed knife buries the fertiliser band before placing the seed on a separate shelf above and to the side of the fertiliser.

The packer wheel acts as a depth gauge and seals the soil surface. A hydraulic cylinder provides adjustable packing and penetration pressure for the seed and fertiliser knives, all in one pass.

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Showing seed placement

Accurate seed depth, every time

Accurate seed depth results in greater seedling vigour which produces quick, even crop emergence. The uniform depth of planting improves timing for pesticide application and harvest operations which results in superior grain quality and higher yields. 

At an optimal 19 mm (¾”) depth, the seed is shallow enough to allow the crop to emerge before the weeds, but deep enough to be placed in moisture required for germination.  

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Shows fertilizer placement

Optimal fertiliser placement

The second pillar of precision agronomics is precision fertiliser placement. Feeding the crop, not the weeds, makes more nutrients readily available to plants when they need it most.

Reaching full yield potential requires early-season access to nutrients, which is compromised when nutrients are placed too far from, or too close to the seed row.

Fertiliser placed 19 mm (¾") deeper and 38 mm (1½") to the side of the seed guarantees the ideal separation between seed and fertiliser for seedling safety.

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Results in higher yield

The seed and fertiliser placement you can expect from Seed Hawk openers used as part of a complete precision seeding system will get your crops off to a safe, fast start and a high-yielding finish.

In a wide range of crops and conditions, Seed Hawk customers report improved yields when comparing a competitor seed drill with a Seed Hawk seeding system.

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