Väderstad seed drill Spirit R 300S

Spirit R 300S

High technology – agile format

Spirit R 300S is a pneumatic seed drill, available with 3 metre working width. Spirit R 300S has all the benefits of a small seed drill, while taking advantage of the innovative technology and high precision from the larger models. You benefit from high capacity, precision, user-friendliness and reliability on the field.

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Osa Spirit Konsepti

The pneumatic seed drill Spirit carries out levelling, seedbed preparation, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass. It is known to provide impressive precision at high working speeds on the field. Thanks to the individual row depth control, Spirit always places the seed at the intended seeding depth. You benefit from an even emergence over the entire field.

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Selected features

Väderstad metering system Fenix III

Next generation precision metering

Spirit R is equipped with the user-friendly and easily accessible metering system Fenix III. It is able to handle seed rates down to 1kg per hectare, while also enabling high doses, never limiting capacity.

One important feature of Fenix III is the soft rotor that seals the system and lowers the air requirement, in turn saving diesel.
Fenix III achieves great precision which leads to an even emergence.

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Väderstad Spirit 300R in field

Large, easy to fill seed hopper

The 2800 litres plastic seed hopper is designed to provide a low filling height with large opening.

The working platform is positioned on the side of the seed hopper for easy access when filling.

The high positioned integrated fan reduces dust intake and increases drilling precision.



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Väderstad Spirit active seed coulters illustration

Always correct seeding depth

The active coulter pressure ensures an impressive depth control. With sensors in the hydraulic system, the machine immediately compensates for any rise or dip in the field.

The coulter pressure is maintained at the pre-set value, irrespective of coulter working angle in relation to the rest of the machine.

You benefit from an even emergence over the entire field.


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Väderstad Rapid saves money on irregular fields

Half machine shut-off

Seed is metered by two Fenix III units, each metering one half of the machine, this enables half machine shut-off from the cab.

Farmers who regularly use half machine shut-off appreciate the fact that they can save up to 5 % of seed, at the same time avoiding double drilling and uneven crops.


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Täysi hallinta Väderstad SeedEye avulla

Väderstad SeedEye on ainutlaatuinen järjestelmä siementen laskua ja kylvönvalvontaa varten. SeedEyella viljelijä voi helposti asettaa kylvettävän siemenmäärän neliölle ilman kiertokoetta. SeedEye takaa täydellisen kylvötuloksen täydellä hallinnalla

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Man in field
Väderstad Spirit 300R headland management

Headland management increases precision

To optimise the operations at the headland, Spirit R is equipped with automatic headland sequence control. The system automatically lifts and lowers the front tools and seed coulters in sequence. When entering the field the system lowers the front tool into the soil before the seed coulters.

Even crop establishment is achieved by eliminating double drilling or overworked headlands. Further, the system enables drilling of the headland first, without disrupting the result when drilling the rest of the field.


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Väderstad Spirit 300R pivoting wheel packer

Pivoting wheel packer

The pivot packer consolidates the soil between the tractor wheels enabling each seed to have the same conditions for germination.

The pivoting function minimises soil drag on the headland.

The pivot packer reduces the turning radius, shortening headlands and maximising the full potential of the field.


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Väderstad E-services iPad

Modern control system

Spirit R 300S is equipped with the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control.

In addition to an extensive control and monitoring of the seeding process, the control system offers the possibility to adjust the working depth of the front tool, the seed coulters as well as the hydraulic following harrow, while driving on the field.

User-friendliness, state of the art graphics, cost-effectiveness and an easy to update system are some of its main advantages.

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QuickStart videot

Tutustu tarkemmin

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Product concept

Zone 1 - Consolidation between tractor wheels

Before drilling, the soil is consolidated by the tractor wheels. The pivot packer on Spirit R ensures that the same reconsolidation is exerted on areas between tractor wheels.

Zone 2 - Seedbed preparation

Depending on the front tools, Spirit can be adapted to varying conditions. The working depth and intensity of the front tools can be easily adjusted from the tractor cab.

System Disc Aggressive

CrossBoard Heavy System Disc Aggressive

Track eradicators

Zone 3 - Consolidation

To ensure a firm seedbed prior to seed placement, large packer wheels consolidates the soil between the front tool and seed coulters. This offers great advantages in lighter soil, as well as in fields where the soil is loose as an effect of a deep cultivation or a cultivation with insufficient reconsolidation.

Zone 4 - Seed placement

Spirit R has 380mm large discs for high speed accuracy. The OffSet discs move the soil to the side and place the seed in the bottom of the seed furrow. The soil falls back behind the discs and covers the seed with fine soil. The seed coulter pressure is up to 80kg to ensure a good penetration. The unique TriForce rubber suspension gives a supreme ability to follow ground contour.

Zone 5 - Reconsolidation

Each individual seed coulter has a wide coulter press wheel. This allows the seed coulters to respond to any irregularities or soil variations on the field, thereby ensuring the working depth is constantly maintained. The generous diameter of the coulter press wheel, further results in a smooth ride with minimal impacts from vibrations, thereby increasing precision at high speed. 

Zone 6 - Finishing

The following harrow is positioned to run in-between the seed rows, so there is no risk of disturbing shallow-drilled seeds.The following harrow creates a loose evaporation barrier to preserve moisture and prevents capping after heavy rain.

Following harrow Light

Following harrow Heavy

Technical data

Spirit R 300S
Syöttö Sähköinen
Työleveys (m) 3,0
Kuljetusleveys(m) 3,0
Kuljetuskorkeus(m) 2,65
Kuljetuspituus(m) 8,9
Peruspaino (kg) 4000
Säiliötilavuus (l) 2800
Kylvövantaiden lkm 24
Riviväli kylvövantaat (mm) 125
Lannoitevantaiden lkm N/A
Vannaspaine max (kg) 80
Kylvökiekon läpimitta (mm) 380
Suositeltava työnopeus (km/h) 8-14
Rengaskoko 400/55-15,5
Hydrauliliittimiä 3 DV + FR
Vetotehontarve (hk) 110
Puhaltimen öljyntarve (l/min) 40

Väderstad on yrittänyt kaikin tavoin kuvailla tuotteita oikein. Mutta johtuen jatkuvasta halustamme kehittää tuotteitamme sekä menetelmiämme, parhaiden mahdollisten tuotteiden tarjoamiseksi asiakkaillemme, ovat tietyt tiedot voineet muuttua. Jokaisen tuotteen tarkat yksityiskohdat tullaan varmistamaan tilausajankohtana. 

DV = Kaksitoiminen    FR = Vapaa paluu   N/A = Ei saatavana  
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