Precision Openers

Precision Openers

Efficiency in one pass

At the heart of all Seed Hawk seeding systems is the opener assembly. Each Seed Hawk Opener follows the ground independently by pivoting at the frame.

The knife in front aerates and warms the soil, placing the fertiliser. The trailing seed knife buries the fertiliser band before placing the seed on a separate shelf above and to the side of the fertiliser.

The packer wheel acts as a depth gauge and seals the soil surface. A hydraulic cylinder provides adjustable packing and penetration pressure for the seed and fertiliser knives, all in one pass.

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A seed’s greatest potential is at the time it is placed in the ground. For over a quarter century, Seed Hawk’s innovative opener design has provided the precision seed-to-fertiliser placement required for the plant to produce a quality, high-yielding crop in all soil types and conditions.  Seed Hawk toolbars are offered in a variety of sizes, enabling you to choose the right fit for your operation.

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Accurate seed depth, every time

The working depth of the Seed Hawk opener is maintained by the packer wheel following the ground surface directly behind the fertiliser and seed knives. The hydraulic cylinder applies downforce on the wheel which results in up to 150 kg pressure. Adjustable packing pressure ensures great results in any soil condition. The Seed Hawk opener is always able to maintain its selected working depth, resulting in an evenly-maturing crop every time.

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Extreme adaptability

The opener assemblies follow the ground independently by pivoting at the frame. With a contour following range of 46 cm (18"), each independent opener delivers consistent seed depth, regardless of the terrain.

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Row by row control

By controlling each row individually, each seed is granted the same great conditions for growth. A consistent contour following ability is crucial in no-till operations where variable field conditions are present. The Seed Hawk opener excels in this area.

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Knives designed for performance

The perfect separation of fertiliser and seed is obtained through the dual-knife system where the second knife covers the fertiliser with soil before dropping the seed. This creates a barrier between the seed and fertiliser, preventing fertiliser burn while allowing the seed early access to nutrients.

Producing the best crop starts with precise, accurate seeding with optimum fertiliser placement. Seed Hawk has multiple seed placement options available to accommodate the conditions and goals of each grower. Each seed placement option provides features and qualities favorable for various conditions and goals.

When it comes to seed knives, growers have the choice of Single Side Band (SSB), the new Inline Side Band (ISB). or Twin Wing (TW) knives depending on their preferences. 

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