Let nature do the work

As a farmer you inevitably have a great impact on the soil. Therefore we should always farm in a way that benefits the soil.

Below we have collected facts and guides about how you, with relatively small actions, are able to ensure that your soils are treated well.

Soils can process and hold considerable amount of water

Soil water

Soil can process and hold considerable amount of water.

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Manage field for optimal amount of water in soil

Soil water management

The water present in and under the seedbed is critical for how well the new crop can establish.

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The importance of earthworms for the soil


Earthworms play a very important role in the soil when they carry out their work.

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The root is best defined as the non-leaf, non-nodes bearing parts of the plant


Well-developed root systems are the result of good soil structure and is essential for high yield.

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When correctly managed, straw is an asset to the soil

Straw decomposition

When correctly managed, straw is an asset to the soil. Straw improves the soil structure and makes the soil more porous.

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