Väderstad tarjoaa laadukkaita kultivaattoreita jotka säästävät aikaa ja polttoainetta. Kultivaatorimme on suunniteltu kaikille maalajeille, johtosanoina monipuolisuus ja matalat käyttökustannukset. Tarjoamme erilaisia tuoteryhmiä ja koneita jokaiseen käyttötarpeeseen sopivaksi.

Cultus 350 in field


Intensive cultivation

The 3-4m tine cultivator Cultus 300-400 has powerful tines working down to 25cm depth. You benefit from a spacious frame construction offering impressive mixing capabilities.

Cultus 300-400
Swift 560 in field


High capacity - low draught requirement

Swift is a trailed tine cultivator, designed to perform at peak level in both wet and dry years. The models in the product family span from 4.1 to 8.7 metre working width.

Swift 440-870
Opus 600 in field


Power and versatility

The trailed powerful tine cultivator Opus 400-700 is designed to create an intense mixing and loosening down to 30cm working depth. Opus is a powerful and versatile tine cultivator with an impressive capacity, able to handle large amounts of crop residues while keeping the draught requirement moderate.

Opus 400-700

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