Seed Hawk celebrates 30 years

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting is now celebrating 30 years of the Seed Hawk line-up on the North American Market. Seed Hawk continues to be the go-to solution for farmers on the challenging Canadian prairie.

The Seed Hawk family of air seeders are produced at Vaderstad Industries in Langbank, Saskatchewan, Canada.

– 30 years ago, a solution to a problem was developed and is still advancing precision seeding technology today into new exciting markets globally. As tillage practices have changed over the last three decades, we are driven to continue to push the boundaries of precision, providing our growers with a packaged solution to meet their local conditions and farming practises while ensuring uniform crop emergence, better quality and higher yields with reduced inputs for a better return on investment. We look forward to 30 more exciting years of our quest to be the world’s leading partner for outstanding emergence, says Jason Strobbe, VP Sales and Marketing North America and Managing Director Vaderstad Inc USA.

In 1991, the Seed Hawk concept was created, driven by the need to develop a piece of equipment that did not yet exist in the market. For the last 30 years, the innovative Seed Hawk drill has been a leader in zero-till and min-till farming practices. Ground-breaking innovations, like the innovative Seed Hawk opener assembly, Sectional Control® Technology, the iCon® Wireless Control System, and Fenix III metering, continue to change the face of agriculture.

Nigel Jones, MD at Vaderstad Industries Inc. remarks:

– Today Vaderstad Industries is a campus with manufacturing, warehousing, test and R&D facilities, employing more than 200 people, with that number expected to grow to 260 by the fall of this year. Over the years, we have seen impressive improvements in the quality of the product and many innovations. As a result, we now have a product that competes against any competitor in the market around the world. None of it would be possible without the dedicated and hard-working employees who have worked at the business over the years. It is wonderful to see the results of their efforts.

Väderstad recently announced the acquirement of US-based company AAJV, now Vaderstad Inc., and the expansion on the North American market makes for some really interesting years ahead. Since the launch of Seed Hawk 30 years ago, numerous manufacturers have followed Väderstad Seed Hawk and the precision air seed has its given place in the farming industry. While celebrating the 30-year anniversary of Seed Hawk and all of the innovations it has brought to the marketplace, Väderstad continues to develop the Seed Hawk concept even further to keep pushing the standard for precision seeding.

Susanne Dalskog

Susanne Dalskog

Vice President Communication