The MixIn shin

The unique MixIn shin

All Väderstad tine cultivators are equipped with the unique MixIn shin. The MixIn shin, which is seamlessly mounted towards the top of the point, drastically extends the mixing action of the machine. The MixIn shin is a Väderstad innovation, built from high-quality Swedish steel at the genuine parts manufacturing facility Väderstad Components.

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Doubles the mixing effect

The MixIn shin throws the material forwards instead of upwards, which otherwise is the usual direction. This forces the material to pass the tine twice, doubling the mixing intensity both in depth and lengthwise.

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Lengthwise distribution

The forward movement provides an intense lengthwise distribution of the crop residues. The mixing effect compensates for a limited straw distribution after a combine. This provides same conditions over the entire field, increasing the yield potential for the coming crop.

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Depthwise mixing

By doubling the mixing effect, the MixIn shin provides superior mixing throughout the working depth of the machine. This means that the cultivator takes full advantage of every inch of its working depth. The MixIn shin saves fuel, while improving the mixing results on the field.

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Great levelling effect

The intensive forward movement of soil levels uneven parts of the field, such as wheel tracks. By levelling in the same pass as the cultivating operation, the need for additional levelling passes on field is reduced.

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Minimizes clods

In heavy soil the throwing angle effectively breaks the soil flow and leaves it nicely crumbled. This improves the results, saving additional seedbed preparation.

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Increased mixing with the same fuel cost

The MixIn shin is available in several widths. By equipping the machine with a wider shin than the selected point, the mixing effect is increased without altering the fuel cost.

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