Väderstad Service with farmer in the field

Who better to service your Väderstad machine than those who created it? We view each machine as a start of a long term relationship; where we are your permanent service partner, totally dedicated to your ownership.

Our approved service technicians, regularly trained in the latest service methods and only using genuine parts and tools specifically designed for your machine, are always ready to provide you with excellent support. By following recommended service schedule we promise an optimum performance and a high second-hand value for your machine.

With a Väderstad service technician, you can relax in the knowledge that your machine is in safe hands and is kept at its very best.

You didn’t compromise on your choice of machine, so don’t compromise on your choice of service!

Väderstad 2 year warranty

2 year warranty

Because we build our machines with care, we can stand behind them with confidence.

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