Aftermarket accessories for your Swift

To accommodate different farming conditions, we offer many ways to accessorise and enhance your Väderstad machine. This is also true for already owned equipment. Väderstad can provide a previously delivered Swift with a selection of aftermarket accessories. Here are some examples.

  • Connecting drawbar The hitch-on drawbar allows a roller to be drawn behind Swift, which means that two operations can be carried out in one pass.
  • Following harrow A following implement with ordinary harrow tines fitted to further improve smoothing of the surface.
  • Tiller A following implement with tiller tines fitted to further improve levelling, reconsolidation and work outcome. Angle of attack and working pressure are easily adjusted by pin and crank.
  • BioDrill The mountable BioDrill converts any Väderstad machine into a high precision small seeder; saving time, money and improving soil fertility.