Seed Hawk opener

Seed Hawk precision opener clearcut

A seed’s greatest potential is at the time it is placed in the ground. For over a quarter century, Seed Hawk’s innovative opener design has provided the precision seed to fertilizer placement required for the plant to produce a quality, high-yielding crop in all soil types and conditions.

Field emergence

Accurate seed depth, every time

The working depth of the Seed Hawk opener is maintained by the packer wheel following the ground surface directly behind the fertilizer and seed knives. The hydraulic cylinder applies downforce on the wheel which results in up to 150 kg pressure. Adjustable packing pressure ensures great results in any soil condition. The Seed Hawk opener is always able to maintain its selected working depth, resulting in an evenly-maturing crop every time.

Row by row control

The opener assemblies follow the ground independently by pivoting at the frame. With a contour following range of 18”, each independent opener delivers consistent seed depth, regardless of the terrain. 

By controlling each row individually, each seed is granted the same great conditions for growth. A consistent contour-following ability is crucial in zero-till operations where variable field conditions are present. The Seed Hawk opener excels in this area.

Row by row control with Seed Hawk

Two knives, two working zones

The perfect separation of fertilizer and seed is obtained through the dual-knife system where the second knife covers the fertilizer with soil before dropping the seed. This creates a barrier between the seed and fertilizer, preventing fertilizer burn while allowing the seed early access to nutrients.

Two knifes

Designed for performance

The Seed Hawk knives ensure that no hair pinning or mixing can occur. Therefore, the seed is granted a clean seed slot free of residues. The fertilizer knife, which runs deeper than the seed knife, brings up moist soil from below and provides the seed with greater moisture access at this early, critical growth stage.

The flat faced design of the knives create fine soil tilth, securing seed-to-soil contact. Additionally, the knives create an open sidewall and furrow bottom free of compaction or smearing.  This activity promotes air and moisture exchange as well as root development. 

The Seed Hawk press wheel adds more pressure on the fertilizer row to seal in moisture. By providing a slight sideway pressure over the seed, the press wheel prevents capping. The result is a perfect contact between seed and soil.

Superior conditions for growth

Germination is the most critical stage of the growth process. It is crucial for the plant to be able to access nutrients quickly and safely in order to get the jump out of the ground it requires.

Illustration of superior growth
Illustration quick warm-up

Quick warm-up

To trigger seed growth, the right temperature must be reached in the seed furrow. The furrow created by the opener acts in the same way as strip tillage where the strip warms up faster than the surrounding soil. This speeds up the germination process.

Illustration promotes growth

Promotes growth

Both the fertilizer and the seed are placed on uncultivated soil, providing great access to capillarity water. This secures a fast swelling of the seed. As a complement, the stubble and crop residues between the rows retain humidity in the ground.

Illustration of root development

Root development

The seed is placed on firm, moist soil so the radicle has immediate and continued access to moisture.  The fine tilth beside the seed allows other roots to develop and rapidly branch out towards the fertilizer band.  This results in quick emergence and vigorous growth of the developing plant.