The new Tempo L 24

Introducing Väderstad Tempo L 24

The new high-speed planter Tempo L 24 delivers an unmatched planting precision at very high speed. With 24 row units and an adjustable row spacing from 450 to 508mm, Tempo L 24 is the largest high-speed precision planter for canola and sugar beets.

Tempo L 24 in sunset

Tempo L 24 is the largest high-speed precision planter for small seeded crops, such as canola and sugar beets.

Tempo emergence

It is one thing to plant with high speed, but doing so with exceptional precision is something completely different

Farmer behind his Tempo L 24

Thousands of farmers all worldwide have seen their farmland find its full potential thanks to the Tempo planter. Tempo L 24 is ready to take the next step on that journey.

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Full control with E-Control

The iPad-based control system, Väderstad E-Control wirelessly delivers data about each seed that travels through the machine, including seeding quality, skips, doubles, distance in the row, and rate.

You benefit from user-friendly remote set up and calibration, as well as easy, real-time monitoring and control.

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Small seeds kit

Planting a small seeded crop at shallow planting depth requires the planter to be very gentle to the seed. The small seeds kit for Väderstad Tempo ensures excellent results.

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Tempo World Record

Small seed precision planting

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502 hectares in 24 hours

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