Cultivator in field.

Optimized Tillage

Tillage is an investment in future yields

By eliminating weeds and leftover seeds, as well as handling crop residues and pests it increases the field cleanliness. By breaking compactions, loosening the soil profile as well as breaking clods, it is able to repair. By levelling and sorting the soil, it is able to prepare the seedbed.

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Cultivated field.

On the other hand, tillage is also connected to potential agronomic downsides: Tillage leads to potential carbon losses, fixed in the soil life. Tillage risks disturbing the established soil structure and fungi symbiosis. Tillage risks leading to erosion, as well as moisture losses.

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Red Carrier XL on field

Optimize the tillage working depth and intensity to eliminate the yield-limiting factors in the field

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Hand holding soil.

Minimize the disturbance to retain the soil life

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A yellow field.

Balance the positive impact on future yield with the potential negative consequences of the tillage operation

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Tillage equipment