A man that sit down on the field.

Optimized Crop establishment

Maximize the yield potential of every crop

Seeding and planting lay the foundation for the crop, where seed placement and precision are key to ensuring strong plant growth and high yield potential. This results in stronger carbon sequestration and the building of soil life. By utilizing cover crops to ensure a high-biomass crop is present for most of the year, carbon uptake is prolonged even further.

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A hand holding up a root.

The growth of the crop depends on the ability to establish a successful root system. This entails the complete development of roots in the topsoil to gather nutrients, as well as access to deeper layers to ensure access to moisture during dry periods.

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Man holding soil with earthworms.

The crop will benefit from the built-up soil life, where the soil microbes enable a healthy soil structure, and a symbiosis is established with the soil fungi.

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Maximize the yield potential to increase carbon sequestration

Minimize disturbances to preserve soil life

Optimize the seedbed to enable root development

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Seeding and planting equipment