ISOBUS the virtual terminal


The virtual terminal

The tractor ISOBUS terminal is able to act as a virtual terminal for the Väderstad machine. This makes it able to take control over tasks such as machine control, troubleshooting and headland automation.

To establish the connection, the gateway on the Väderstad machine and the terminal is connected with an ISOBUS-cable.

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Combined control

The ISOBUS terminal can be used in parallel with Väderstad E-Control. For example, the ISOBUS terminal can take control of the seed drill, while E-Control is used to monitor real time seeding data.

The ISOBUS terminal is connected to the gateway on the Väderstad machine with a cable, while E-Control is connected wirelessly.

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Match the output rates to the field conditions

With a variable rate, you are able to manage the output rate for seed and fertiliser. The output is controlled automatically using a field map.

This makes it possible to produce maximum yields on varying soil types.

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Minimised overlaps

To eliminate overlaps, the GPS section control automatically turns sections of the seed drill or planter on and off at headlands or at irregular fields shapes.

By minimising overlaps, the system is able to reduce the volume of seed and fertiliser required by up to 10%.

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