Seed Hawk emergence

Väderstad Air Seeders

Väderstad Air Seeders deliver unparalleled accuracy in all soil conditions. The Seed Hawk Air Drill and Precision Delivery Air Carts combine precision, capacity and flexibility, allowing the grower to use it to its full potential for their specific needs.

The innovative Air Seeders deliver exceptional seed and fertilizer placement in one pass. The result is quick, uniform crop emergence, better quality and higher yields for a better return on investment on your farm.


Seed Hawk Toolbar in field

Seed Hawk Air Drills

The Seed Hawk toolbar provides the most precise seeding technology on the market. Delivering unmatched seed and fertilizer placement in one pass.

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Seed Hawk Air Cart in field

Precision Delivery Air Carts

Precision Delivery Air Carts are designed with the grower’s needs in mind. With a wide range of innovative features, they combine capacity, flexibility and accuracy.

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30 Air Drill in field

30 Air Drill

In some farming operations, growers look for compact size without compromising crop performance.  The Seed Hawk 30 air drill features the same precision opener function in a smaller design.  With an on-board tank featuring the Fenix II metering system, the 30 air drill is able to navigate narrow roadways with ease.

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