Väderstad Industries ramps up production in response to growing market demands

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in seeding, planting and tillage, is set to ramp up production once again at the production facility in Langbank, SK.

Strong commodity prices and growing markets have led to an increased demand of products manufactured at the Langbank, SK production facility. To meet these growing demands Väderstad Industries continues to ramp up the production process by actively recruiting for multiple positions in the production plant.

Väderstad’s efforts to increase production include:

• Hiring additional manufacturing employees and shifting current employees to support increased demand immediately.

• Adding a second shift in the evening to the daily schedule with shift premiums.

• Working closely with Väderstad suppliers to secure materials to feed the increased production at our production site.

COVID-19 impact on Väderstad performance
Väderstad, and the agricultural sector in general, have been spared from many of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, the food needs to be produced even in a pandemic. Strong commodity prices, maintaining production, and supporting farmers all over the world in the midst of a pandemic is not the easiest thing to do. During the past year we have changed in different ways to best support our customers in different areas.

“Despite some tough years, we have invested for the future by developing both our employees and our structures, routines and working methods. We are constantly striving for continuous improvements – both in terms of our products and in ways of working”, says Jason Strobbe, VP Sales and Marketing.

About Väderstad
It all started with an everyday challenge that the farming couple Rune and Siw Stark faced at their farm in Östergötland, Sweden. The challenge was solved by replacing a wooden tool with a better steel one. The ambition to make sustainable tools “that actually last” was with them right from the start.

Today Väderstad is taking on the same challenge from their customers, but in a global market and in a high-tech world. Now, just as before, it involves the establishment and emergence of crops so that the farmers of the world can provide the earth’s population with food. That is why Väderstad exists and that is the challenge that constantly motivates them on a day-to-day basis.

Working at Väderstad
Väderstad’s core values can be described as their “roots or DNA” and serve as a common compass in their daily life. They serve as “the basis of our company culture and are summarized in three key words that describe how we achieve our vision, how we work and behave together, both in-house and towards customers.”

A few other benefits to working at Väderstad Industries include company matched pension, group health benefits, a health spending account, and 48 hours of paid discretionary time off.

In order to meet production demands Väderstad is looking to hire hardworking and motivated individuals for multiple production positions.


Our Values

Accessible - Innovative - Reliable

Our core values can be described as our roots or our DNA and serve as a common compass in daily life. They are the basis of our company culture and are summarized in three key words that describe how we achieve our vision, how we work and behave together, both in-house and towards customers.

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Mission: Zero

Väderstad Industries Inc. has proudly adapted the Mission: Zero initiative to work towards zero injuries, zero fatalities, and zero suffering.

We are proud to become champions to make our work place and communities a safer place to live, work and play! At Väderstad Industries Inc., we put safety first.

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Väderstad once again named one of Sask's Top Employers 2021

Striving to continually take steps to improve workplace practices and human resource policies is one of the reasons Väderstad was once again recognized as one of Saskatchewan's Top Employers for 2021, announced by Mediacorp Canada Inc.

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