Väderstad extends precision farming

By enabling ISOBUS Task Controller, the communication between tractor terminals and Väderstad machinery is enhanced. This enables GPS-controlled variable rate and automatic section control.

- We see an increased demand for precision farming, where the farmer adapts and optimises output to the conditions on the field, says Pontus Nordfeldt, Product Manager electronics at Väderstad, and continues:

- With a variable rate, the farmer is able to manage the output rate for seed and fertiliser. The output is controlled automatically using a field map. This makes it possible to produce maximum yields on varying soil types.

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To eliminate overlaps, the system also include automatic section control.
- The section control automatically turns the seed drill or planter on and off at headlands or at irregular fields shapes. By minimising overlaps, the system is able to reduce the volume of seed and fertiliser required by up to 10%, says Pontus Nordfeldt.

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Gateway required

ISOBUS Task Controller requires the Väderstad machine to be equipped with a gateway. The tractor terminal further have to be compatible and the function may need to be unlocked in the terminal.

ISOBUS Task Controller will be available for Väderstad Rapid and Väderstad Tempo during this spring. The software update is easily downloaded, using an iPad connected to a wireless network with Internet access.

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