Väderstad enables fertiliser placement with cultivation

The new Väderstad fertilizer kit allows for fertilizer application together with soil cultivation. The fertilizer kit can be equipped on the combination cultivator Väderstad TopDown as well as on the heavy tine cultivator Väderstad Opus.

- We have noticed an increased demand from farmers wanting to be able to place fertilizer at depth, thereby providing benefits for the coming crop on the field, says Johan Alsäter, Product manager at Väderstad, and continues:

- By placing a fertilizer such as phosphorus at depth, its moisture access is secured, thus making it available for the next crop. An alternative use is to place nitrogen to help mineralize the straw before seeding in the autumn.

The fertiliser kit includes a distributor head that distributes the fertiliser, metered out from the front hopper Väderstad FH 2200. From the distributor head the fertiliser is distributed to each cultivator tine, working down to 30cm depth.

- The fertiliser is placed behind each tine at selected depth. The operator can either choose to place the fertiliser at full depth, on the field surface, or 50/50 deep and shallow, says Johan Alsäter.

The fertiliser kit will be available for the combination cultivator Väderstad TopDown and the heavy tine cultivator Väderstad Opus from October 2017.

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