The new Väderstad CrossCutter Disc handles the challenges of modern farming

The new Väderstad CrossCutter Disc will open up extended possibilities for effective tillage and improved field results. CrossCutter Disc can be fitted to the versatile disc cultivator Väderstad Carrier, with working widths from 3.0 up to 12.25 metres.

- CrossCutter Disc performs outstanding in oilseed rape stubble and in cover crops, while also enabling great advantages in grain stubble as well as on ploughed land, says Mattias Hovnert, Sales & Marketing Director at Väderstad, and continues:

- CrossCutter Disc works very intensively with a low horsepower requirement, at shallow working depth and high speed up to 20km/h.

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Excellent results after oilseed rape

When oilseed rape has been harvested, it is very important to get leftover volunteer seeds to germinate and grow. This creates a stale seedbed, which later can be eliminated with a second pass to provide good field hygiene for the next crop. If not, the remaining oilseed rape seeds risk disrupting the coming crops on the field in the years to come.

- Because of its disc shape and high quality Swedish steel, CrossCutter Disc provides full cut-out and intensive mixing at shallow working depth. This means that an extensive stale seedbed is created over the entire field, says Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Developer at Väderstad.

CrossCutter Disc is fitted to the versatile disc cultivator Väderstad Carrier.

- Since each CrossCutter Disc is individually mounted to its own rubber suspended disc arm Carrier has a great ability to follow the ground contour, thus ensuring very even results, says Magnus Samuelsson.

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Complete cover crop termination

Additionally the CrossCutter Disc provide great benefits when terminating a cover crop.

- By working intensively at 2-3cm working depth, CrossCutter Disc avoids any deep mixing of cover crop residues. This eliminates the cover crop, while also minimising the risk for problems in the following crop.

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On the farm, the CrossCutter Disc also shows great results in grain stubble, where its intense shallow cultivation will help fight grass weeds, such as blackgrass. In ploughed land the robust construction and high quality Swedish steel is able to create a seedbed.

The CrossCutter Disc has a diameter of 450mm and is produced in high-quality V-55 Swedish steel. CrossCutter Disc is developed and manufactured by Svensk Presshärdnig (SPH) in Sweden. SPH, who is a leading producer for hardened wear parts, is a fully owned subsidiary of the Väderstad Group.

The new CrossCutter Disc will be available for Väderstad Carrier 300-400, Carrier 420-820 and Carrier 925-1225 from March 2018.

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