Väderstad acquires inter-row cultivators

Väderstad has acquired the full TRV inter-row cultivator product range from the Danish company Thyregod A/S. All products will be rebranded and fully integrated into Väderstad’s tillage product portfolio.

Inter-row cultivation

Inter-row cultivation is mechanical weed control in-between crop rows. The main purpose is to cut the root off weed plants, but inter-row cultivation also has other agronomical benefits such as breaking the soil crust and stopping evaporation.

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Double-frame solution for increased efficiency

The formerly known Swingking has a frame solution that can hold two independent frames. During inter-row cultivation it is common to use the same frame width and amount of row units as used when planting to achieve optimal results with minimal plant damage. With the independent double-frame solution we can double the working width without risking losing precision in one of the planted passes since the frame is divided according to the planter size. Even when the connection between passes isn’t 100 percent correct, we don’t risk plant damage. All this means the double-frame solution can save passes, resources, and time for the farmer.

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A perfect match with Tempo

In a field seeded with a Tempo V or F with a 6 metre frame and 75 cm row spacing, you would usually use an 8-row inter-row cultivator to be able to follow the track very precisely. With our double-frame solution you can use a 12-metre cultivator which holds two frames, six meters each, and 75 cm row spacing and get a precise result without damaging your crops.

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Row unit lift for good crop care

The frame of the inter-row cultivator is designed with a high ground clearance of up to 85 cm. Each row unit can be lifted to 75 cm. The high frame and high lifting height expands the time frame for cultivation since it can work in higher plant rows without damaging the crop. The lifting height is important to take better care of your crops and leave them untouched.

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Section control for increased precision

All row units can be lifted up individually depending on a GPS field map, which enables inter-row cultivation in corners and increased precision at headlands.

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Frame size

4.5 metre

6 metre

9 metre

12 metre

Row distance

25-75 cm 25-75 cm 25-75 cm 25-75 cm

Number of rows

6-24 8-24 12-36 16-48
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Q: When will your new inter-row cultivator be available to order?
A: They will be available to order from the summer of 2024.

Q: Can I buy them from a Väderstad dealer?
A: We aim to sell them through our global dealer network from the summer of 2024.

Q: Will the machines be green or Väderstad red?
A: From June 2024 all newly produced machines will be Väderstad branded and in our classic red color.

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