Conical discs - better agronomy

The conical shape of the disc produces fine tilth and mixes residues evenly. The shape also ensures that the same working angle is maintained irrespective of wear and working depth. You benefit from excellent seedbed creation and quick residue breakdown.

Crumbling and mixing

The conical shape of the discs create a high degree of fine tilth, important for the seed-to-soil contact. The shape of  the discs provides intensive mixing, preventing dry soil from being turned into the seeding horizon. The intensive residue and soil mixing improves the rate of decomposition.

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No compaction

The sharp attack angle of the conical disc, minimises its contact surface to the soil. This leaves an open cultivation bottom, free of compactions. The result is a great environment for root development with  maintained moisture transport.

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Presses down stones

The shape of the conical disc keeps it from bringing up stones to the field surface. Instead the stones are pressed down, minimising disturbances in following operations in the field.

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