FAQ E-Control

Q: How can I update the E-Control app, I see only someone else’s Apple ID, I do not know the password?! 

A: If someone else's Apple ID comes up when trying to update an app it means that that app was downloaded or purchased under that Apple ID.

Apps are always connected with the ID that downloaded or purchased them originally. 

To avoid this from happening in the future delete the E-Control app, make sure you are logged in with your own Apple ID and download the app again. 


Q: How long should a Gateway update take?

A: An update takes normally 4-5 minutes and ends with an “Update complete” pop-up. If the update takes longer time and the “Rebooting” text is shown, make sure the iPad is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network (machine network).


Q: When I try to update the Gateway, I get an “Update Failed” message. What should I do?

A: Update Failed will be shown if the connection between iPad and Gateway is disrupted. Check that the Wi-Fi connection is strong and retry the update. 


Q: I am getting “Download Failed” messages in the iPad when I try to download Gateway software. Help me!!!


The latest Gateway software for xxx should be available for download but I’m only seeing yyy and zzz!?!?

A: Make sure that the E-Control app is updated to the latest version. This might require you to update the iOS of the iPad as well. See Apple's website for more information.