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RexiusTwin 450-1030

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Väderstad tillage equipment creates the perfect start for the coming crop. We offer machinery for a wide range of working depths and multiple tasks on the field.

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Selected features

RexiusTwin maintains the soil structure and increases the capacity, making it the obvious alternative to power harrows
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Short plough based machine chain

Short plough based machine chain

When using a plough, RexiusTwin is a key ingredient that leads to reduced passes and improved soil structure. With a working speed of 10-13km/h, you benefit from great capacity during those busy periods on the farm.

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The Väderstad folding allows 3 metre transport width

The Väderstad folding allows 3 metre transport width

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Product concept

Zone 1 - Cultivation, crushing and levelling

The Raptor tines prepare  ploughed or cultivated land into a seedbed - often in one pass. The tines are very strong and are able to operate down to 15cm depth.  RexiusTwin has a tine spacing of 20cm and a row stagger of 40cm. The cultivation intensity can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab during work.

CrossBoard Heavy

Point options

Zone 2 - Heavy consolidation

The two rows of 730mm diameter packer rings have a sharp outer edge to cut the clods. A 101mm shoulder limits the working depth of the ring on soft soil. The firm, ridged profile left by the rings quickly regains capillary action and drains well. Regular wetting and drying in the ridges allows the weather to finish the seedbed preparations for the user. Thanks to the interlocking of every second ring and the OffSet placement of the two packers the RexiusTwin is able to operate in difficult conditions without blocking.

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