Marathon points

Marathon points

Marathon is the family name for hard metal points at Väderstad. A hard metal point increases the working life up to 10 times, compared to a standard point. Additionally it offer many agronomical benefits. The Marathon points are available mainly for the deeper cultivating machines, but also for seedbed preparation.

The time aspect

Marathon makes sure that you are in the field more time, enabling to use the optimal weather for productive work. No points needs to be changed during the season. This can be crucial some years.

Different position – different wear

The different positions on the cultivator have different wear. The first row, and especially the wheel tracks, takes a considerably higher wear than the back rows.

Marathon solves this problem since the hard metal on the top always maintains the same working depth.

Maintained depth and mixing

Since the hard metal points are placed at the tip of the point, they maintain a perfect working depth throughout the full working life of the point.

An additional benefit is that the amount of material mixed also remains the same.50% point only perform 50% of the work.

Marathon wing shares - maintains width

The width of a wing share is crucial for its possibility to achieve a full cut out. An insufficient cut out directly influences the working result. A Marathon wing share always maintains the perfect width.

Angled hard metal increases stone resistance

The Marathon hard metal is folded around the tip of the point. This gives it a very thick base where forces are diverted in two directions, thus making it very stone resistant.

An additional benefit is that it also prevents wearing of the point from underneath which would otherwise eventually crack the hard metal.

Split point penetrates better

The wider Marathon points have a narrow centrepiece. This improves the penetration in difficult conditions and ensures that the intended working depth is kept.

Flat surface improves soil flow

All marathon points have a perfectly flat surface, similar to the body of a plough. This optimizes the soil flow while minimising resistance and diesel consumption.

The deep boltholes are quickly filled with soil, thus preventing the bolt head from wear.

Metal on the right spot

The material balance between hard metal and steel of the marathon points has been optimised to maximise the time that the shape of the point is kept intact. This substantially increases its working life. The hardening of the point is uniform, thus preventing any risk of cracking.