Man with E-Control in his hands


Full control at your fingertips

The modern iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control wirelessly connects to the Väderstad machine enabling full access to its functions and data.

You benefit from user-friendly remote setup and calibration, as well as real-time monitoring and control.

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New generation control system

The highly modern E-Control interface takes farming to a new level in terms of intuitiveness and user-friendliness.

For example, with a touch of a button you are able to adjust the working depth, alter the seed rate or monitor planting precision.

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State of the art graphics

The high-resolution iPad-display presents all the information clearly and the outstanding graphics makes  every operation easier to use.

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The portable office

Väderstad E-Control is a fully portable control system ready to be used when and where it is required.

When calibrating the Väderstad seed drill or planter, you can take the portable iPad out of the tractor and control the calibration from outside.

When your day is over you can take the iPad to the office and start planning the next days work.

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Always up to date

At Väderstad, we find it very important to support and service all our customers to the fullest. Therefore, all E-Control software updates are easy to download free of charge.

With E-Control, you are always sure to benefit from the latest technology and the newest innovative solutions from Väderstad.

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The E-Keeper

The iPad holder Väderstad E-Keeper protects the iPad and simplify operations.

The E-Keeper supplies the iPad with power and is also fitted with buttons for easier menu navigation and operation in the tractor cab.

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Väderstad Gateway makes it all happen

The gateway makes it all happen

The iPad is wirelessly connected to the machine via a gateway, which is mounted on the machine. The gateway creates its own wireless network so there is no need for Internet access.

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iPad with many diffrent machines

Simplicity at low cost

All machine data is stored in the gateway on the machine, and not in the iPad. This means that your data will always be secured. If the iPad should stop functioning, it is easily replaced with a new one. You benefit from a relatively low display cost, as well as the possibility to use the same iPad for multiple machines on the farm. 

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