Rapid seed coulters - best start possible for each seeds

Best start possible for each seed

The high quality Rapid seed coulters are designed to give the seeds the best start possible. This promotes fast germination and healthy crop with high resistance towards weeds, pests and harsh weather.

Great conditions for growth

Each seed disc on a Rapid seed coulter creates a clean seed furrow by aggressively cutting into the firmer bottom of the cultivated seedbed. This creates an environment with several important benefits for the growth of the seed.

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Moisture access for  even germination

Moisture access for even germination

A key for success lies in the fact that the seed coulter discs have a deeper working depth than the cultivating front tools. Thereby the seed furrow is cut as a narrow slot into a firmer uncultivated layer of soil.

When the seed is placed in the seed furrow, it is able to benefit from the surrounding uncultivated soils’ ability to transport moisture. This gives excellent opportunity for the seed to quickly start its growth process, giving it the upper hand on weeds and slugs.

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Fine soil creates  seed-to-soil contact

Fine soil creates seed-to-soil contact

The seed discs are mounted on rubber suspended disc arms, positioned in a slight angle to the driving direction. Because of this angle, the aggressive seed discs provide a cultivating action able to turn any leftover clods or aggregates into fine soil.

This ensures that the soil on top of the seed is aerated and delivers optimum seed-to-soil contact which is crucial for taking the next step in the germination process.

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Clean seed furrow for undisturbed plant growth

Clean seed furrow for undisturbed plant growth

Thanks to its aggressive seed disc, Rapid is always able to create a hygienic, clean seed slot without straw incorporation through hairpinning. This means that the early stages of the plant growth will not be disturbed by crop residues close to the seed.

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Maximum performance – minimal maintenance

Maintenance free coulter suspension

Each disc arm is fitted with its own rubber suspension. The absence of moving parts, ensures a problem free ownership and long working life.

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Swedish steel - Swedish quality

The Rapid seed discs are built from special hardened Swedish steel. This carefully selected raw material delivers a robust construction, excellent performance and extremely long working life in the field.

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Less downtime

All bearings are grease free, maximising your time in field.

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Heavy-duty seed coulter

The seed coulter has a hardened steel tip and a sideplate of tungsten, providing superior resistance to wear.

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