Väderstad offers the option of an additional 3 Year Extended Warranty

3 Year Extended Warranty

We are pleased to announce the launch of our 3 Year Extended Warranty. The 3 year Extended Warranty, which is delivered and managed within the Väderstad Company, is available at the time of purchasing any new Vaderstad product.

Our confidence in the reliability and durability of everything we design and produce means you already recieve a 2 year machine warranty as standard and can be assured that your machine has what it takes to get the job done: season after season, year after year.  


Now you can protect your asset for longer with the added peace of mind of a 3 year Väderstad Extended Warranty, which is delivered and managed within the Väderstad Company.


Väderstad's Extended Warranty is designed for any owner wanting to protect themselves against the costs of repairing or replacing components following their failure due to manufacturing or material fault and wanting to ensure their asset is repaired by a Väderstad trained technician from a Väderstad authorised dealer.


The 3 year Extended Warranty is available at the time of purchasing a new Vaderstad product and will include 4 machine check-ups.

For optimal performance and identifying issues before they turn into problems your machine will recieve an annual check-up undertaken by a Vaderstad trained technicain from your authorised Vaderstad dealer.




Read more on our 3 Year Extended Warranty here


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