Väderstad introduces new conical MixIn shins

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting, introduces two new MixIn shins for the Swift, Cultus, Opus and TopDown cultivators. The new MixIn shins have a conical shape, with a wider top and narrower bottom which gives several extra advantages in field.

Väderstad’s unique MixIn shin come equipped on all Väderstad tine cultivators, and drastically extends the mixing action of the machine. A true Väderstad innovation, the MixIn shin throws the material forwards instead of upwards, which forces the material to pass the tine twice - therefore doubling the mixing intensity both in depth and lengthwise.

– The MixIn shin creates a forward movement of the soil that provides an intense lengthwise distribution of the crop residues. It also transports more soil in the driving direction and levels uneven parts of the field, such as wheel tracks, reducing the need for additional levelling passes which saves the farmer both time and fuel, says Magnus Samuelsson, Concept Developer at Väderstad.

The new conical MixIn shape, which is new for model year 2021, provides additional benefits for the farmer. The wider top of the shin increases mixing intensity and improves the lengthwise distribution of residues even further.

– With 50mm in the bottom and 80mm at the top, or 80mm bottom and a 120mm top, it also provides improved crumbling of clods in heavier soils. The new MixIn shin is another step in our pursuit to provide farmers with the best conditions for an outstanding emergence, says Magnus Samuelsson.

The new MixIn shin 50/80mm and 80/120mm is built from high-quality Swedish steel and produced at Väderstad’s own factory in Överum, Sweden. It’s available for the Swift, Cultus, Opus and TopDown from 2021.

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