Väderstad has produced its 1000th Tempo L

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting, has now produced number 1000 of the high precision planter Tempo L. The Tempo L made an immediate impact on world farming when it set the world record in planting back in 2017.

The Tempo L went into production in 2017 and was immediately a huge success with its unmatched planting capacity and precision. It also caught a lot of headlines in the farming world when it set a planting world record in Hungary the same year, planting 502 hectares of maize in 24 hours at a speed of over 20 km/h. Thanks to Väderstad’s patented PowerShoot technology the Tempo delivers unparalleled precision, both in terms of the distance between every seed but also regarding the planting depth.

– The Tempo L has definitely pushed the limits regarding planting, capacity and precision. Two months after the world record, Gödöllő University helped us analyze and measure 6808 plants on the world record fields. The results were clear, there were minimal deviations in planting depth precision, doubles and skips, says Mattias Hovnert, Senior Vice President Global Sales & Marketing at Väderstad.

Väderstad produces around 5 500 machines in total annually, last week the 1000th Tempo L since the debut in 2017 left the factory in Väderstad. The Tempo L is currently available with 8-24 row units, from June 2021 the new Tempo L 32 goes into production. It will be the biggest Tempo planter yet with 32 row units and an operating width of 12 meters.

Andreas Karlsson is production leader on the Tempo L assembly line, where all machines are manually assembled.

– When I count, I think that I’ve been a production leader for at least 500 of the now 1000 Tempo L machines that we have assembled. For me and my team it feels exciting and it comes with great pride to build a machine that popular, which holds a world record, he says.

The whole Tempo family of high precision planters continues to be an incredible success, giving farmers all over the world the possibility for outstanding emergence and the best overall economy. The Tempo L #1000 will soon begin its journey to its new owner, who can look forward to many productive years ahead.