Väderstad Tempo WideLining maximises the yield potential

At Agritechnica 2019, Väderstad will introduce the new innovative Tempo WideLining system. WideLining is the worlds’ first tramlining system making it possible for the farmer to spread liquid manure in a standing silage maize crop, without having to lower the total yield potential of the field.

- Instead of preparing the wheel tracks for the liquid manure spreader by shutting off row units, WideLining automatically changes the row spacing on the planter. Since WideLining thereby make all row units always plant at full capacity, the yield is kept high on the field, says Jörgen Dahl, Commercial Product Manager for Planters, at Väderstad.

When creating the wheel tracks that the liquid manure spreader will later use, the WideLining system automatically makes the Tempo planter adjust its row spacing setup to create two 1050mm tyre tracks.

- The tramlines are created by hydraulically adjusting the placement of four row units on the frame of the planter. Thereby the row spacing between the row units next to the 1050mm lines will go from 750mm to 600mm, which is an acceptable row spacing to maintain a high yield level in a silage maize crop, says Jörgen Dahl.

WideLining is fully automatic and integrated in the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control. When WideLining is activated, the machine will calculate the field and automatically adjust the row units to create tramlines based on the working width of the liquid manure spreader.

- By letting the planter always plant at its full capacity, Väderstad WideLining drastically increases the number of seeds planted in the field. If for example establishing silage maize with an 8-row planter and using a liquid manure spreader with 18 metre working width, Väderstad WideLining will plant 8.3 % more seeds in the field compared to current technology available on the market today, says Jörgen Dahl.

The all-new WideLining system will have its premiere at the agricultural tradeshow Agritechnica in November 2019 in Hannover, Germany. The WideLining technology will be available for the versatile high-speed planter Väderstad Tempo V 6-12 from the second half of 2020.